Glitz And Glamour As Ogbako Umuadaigbo Impact Initiative Holds Its Maiden Convention And Inaugurates The Executives Of The Association.

On November 13, 2021, Amuwo Odofin went agog as the Ogbako Umuadaigbo Impact Initiative held its first ever convention/ Seminar.

An association of all Igbo women and ladies of various social status, career, geographical location and background working to create and achieve feminist realities especially in all parts of Igboland, UmuadaIgbo Impact Initiative is also a forum where women are empowered and given opportunities to self development aimed at reducing poverty amongst Igbo people.

The event featured award presentations to some prominent men and women, royal fathers and religious leaders of Igbo origin.

Held at the Amichi Civic Center Amuwo Odofin Lagos, the convention was attended by Igwes, Eze Ndigbo and Presidents of Igbo groups in Lagos, Clergy men and Entrepreneurs of Igbo Origin.

In her welcome address, the President of the Ogbako UmuadaIgbo Impact Initiative, Ezigbo Adaigbo Chinyere Okoye highlighted on Igbo Culture which places high premium on respect and recognition of eminent persons and dignitaries, welcoming every attendee with dance and loads of love.

The Chairman of the occasion, Pastor Dr. Basil Ogbuanu, a clergy man gave words of exaltation that emphasized on the role of women in today’s world.

The attendees of the event shared opinions on the way forward for Ogbako Umuadaigbo Impact Initiative as an association, the members of the association individually as it relates to the unity of other Igbo groups for the peace and progress of Igboland.

Keynote speeches and Seminar Lectures were delivered by a Special Guest Speaker,  Venerable Nnaemeka Nwosu, on the Topic; “Women (UmuadaIgbo) As Role Models In The Community”.

The next speaker, Ezigbo Adaigbo Ogechukwu Asieba, talked about “Positive Parenting And Giving The Right Training To the Children”which is a calling from God for all women.

The third Lecture was on “Drug Abuse and Its Effects on The Youth”, the Speaker Ezigbo Adaigbo Stella Amaechi emphasized on the role mothers should play to curb the menace of drug abuse.

Special features of the event was the inauguration of the Executives of Ogbako UmuadaIgbo Impact Initiative and the unveiling of the association’s logo, Cultural dance display by the Ogbako Umuadaigbo cultural troop led by Hon. Mrs. Chika Onyekwelu and presentation of award to personalities, traditional/ religious leaders and business moguls, who are illustrious sons and daughters of Igbo land.



The only Female awardee present at the event, Amb. Mrs. Gloria Ibe-Ani (Oji Ugo ana awalu Eze 1 of Okpatu Kingdom) in appreciation encouraged UmuadaIgbo to keep promoting our dignity as Igbo women and pledged her support to the association in all facets, she also appealed to Igbo women to focus on growth and self development which will in turn have a great impact on the society at large.


In her vote of thanks, the president, Adaigbo Okoye once again appreciated all who made out time to travelled from far and wide to honour the invitation. She stressed that the purpose of the initiative is to form a synergy between Umuadaigbo including those who are married outside Igboland, discuss and proffer workable and enduring solutions to issues concerning the Igbos. She also pledged that Umuadaigbo will take up those traditional roles as Umuada who will not go to sleep when there is problem in their father’s house.


The event was very colourful, the atmosphere was filled with joy and bonhomie, the weather very fair. What a wonderful ceremony.

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