The Triumphant Return Of Gulder Ultimate Search

Gulder Ultimate Search, GUS, the survival and the most-watched reality TV series in Nigeria in the early 2000s, is making its triumphant return .

The reality show which was Created and sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc, manufacturers of Gulder lager beer, started in 2004 and enjoyed 11 seasons on air before it ended in 2016 and has been seven years off air.

Nigerian Breweries, NB, Plc, has officially announced that the show would make its comeback with “The Age of Craftsmanship” as the theme for the 2021 edition.

The Corporate Affairs Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Sade Morgan, said that they are really excited to be bringing back the Gulder Ultimate Search for the viewing pleasure of Nigerians who have over the years continued to call for its return.

He also assured that the planning team has put in place everything necessary to give the fans exactly what they enjoy about the show, and everyone will be pleasantly surprised and delighted with what the show will have in store.

The TV premiere of ‘Gulder Ultimate Search: The Age of Craftsmanship’ is set for October 16, and will run till December 19, when the grand finale will hold.

From the first edition, which premiered in 2004, contestants were camped in different parts of the country to struggle against themselves and the wild, i.e. nature, and their search for a hidden treasure that brings to the last person standing instant fame and fortune.

The show has discovered several talents who became stars in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, who all went on to build a successful career in Nollywood and also appeared in numerous TV commercials for several multinational brands.

The reality show’s previous editions were anchored by Nollywood actors Chidi Mokeme and Bob Manuel-Udokwu who are also topnotch successful Nollywood stars.

Since it went off air, fans have been calling for its return. And now the show is BACK!!!!

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