Celebrating Nigeria At 60; This Is Time To Change The Narrative Of A Great Nation Nigeria.

Today, 1st October marks the 60th Independence celebration of Nigeria. This is the time Nigerians need to recognize that we are a great nation, appreciate and celebrate the great people we are, then change the narrative of the nation before the world and work together to make a greater nation.

Nigeria’s image in the world is often distorted, one-dimensional view – that sees the country only through a prism of disaster and corruption. This single view and failure to represent Nigeria fairly has had massive effect on many youths.

How easily Nigerians make news headlines when a major violent crisis breaks. But less attention is given to positive trends and underlying successes stories.

Nobody is pretending that Nigeria’s many serious problems should be played down or ignored, but the rest of the world, and Nigerians themselves, need to hear the good news stories as well.

Nigerians in particular need to take ownership of the positive narrative to become ambassadors for positive change.

In many cases, despite accelerated economic growth over time, the rise of a middle class of consumers, and a more dynamic private sector attracting indigenous entrepreneurs, the narrative about Nigeria has remained focused on the bad news.

This is the time this impression has to change.

Despite the problems of massive corruption, insurgencies, political, ethnic and religious tensions, Nigeria remains one indivisible country with unprecedented rate of growth in the private sectors of the economy.

Nigerians have taken the bulls by the horn to remain great such that no matter how difficult things seem, Nigerians will always find their ways out as they have been accustomed with adversities and unique approach to beat it. Nigerians are very dogged, talented and determined to turn their dreams into existence.

Harsh economic situations are never deterrents to success for Nigerians; instead they develop new business ideas, creating small and large businesses because they are positioned for greater success. They don’t give up so easily.

God really blessed the nation Nigeria; we have very rich culture, values and beliefs. We enjoy the best climate and weather devoid of natural disaster, good soil for agriculture; we have adventurous, creative and intrepid minds willing to explore potentials.

Even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Nigerians are still thriving socially. In the entertainment world, Nigerian Entertainment industry is still the best.

In fashion, Nigeria is immeasurable as we thrive excellently in that world because of our differentiated fashion life. Nigerians are not tired of looking good, flamboyancy is Nigerian way and lifestyle. Nothing can change it.

We should not give up, we still pride as the giant of Africa not just because we have the population but we are great survivors and Nigeria is the only country anybody can live in and grow if you are willing.

It is still in Nigeria that individuals have taken up the responsibilities of the government with joy just to live comfortably by providing basic amenities by themselves. Which such things cannot happen in some other parts of the world without protest.

Nothing should stop a Nigerian making a living here in Nigeria from appreciating himself as the best because we are really unlimited and prodigious people.

Let us change the bad news and spread the good news of us to the world. Let us not relent and continue working hard because we are the best indeed.

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