Now, Let’s Unlock The Mystery Of Food And Wine Pairing The African Way.

It is often believed that wine compliments food and the right food enhance the flavour in the wine. Africa is known for varieties of wine.

Food and wine go well together and the wine from the same region complements the food of the region best. But the most perfect food/ wine pairing in Africa is ABACHA AND PALM WINE.

Eating Abacha; Aka African salad while chasing it with sweet palm wine is beautifully inexplicable. It’s a combination of flavors that resonates with your consciousness that would make you start betting with Yanga.

In Africa especially the Eastern Nigeria, It is difficult to plan a serious meal of Abacha without thinking of the best palm wine to go with it

Abacha can be served as an appetizer or main meal, it is mostly used to welcome visitor before serving them the main meal but so special when served with chilled palm wine.

Abacha can be prepared in so many ways depending on the community you visit or the home you visited but absolutely very delicious and tasty however it is prepared. The more the ingredients you use to make it, the tastier, healthier and more complete it becomes.

Palm wine is the most popular drink commonly found in tropical Africa and is retrieved from the sap of various types of palm trees. The beverage is often cloudy and whitish in colour and has a sweet alcoholic taste as a result of being fermented.

It is mostly the certified drink for occasions in African traditional setting. No ceremony in Africa is complete without palm wine.

The Abacha with palm wine is the best African food and wine combination anyone can get because apart from the traditional value they represent, the taste is so heavenly.

At hangout spots, abacha/ ugba with fried fish, kpomo, garnished with onions and other vegetables with palm wine as weekend evening desert temptation one can’t afford to resist.

Creating beautiful, unexpected dish of abacha bursting with flavor is simple; pairing it with Imagery Palm wine for a creative twist is mysterious and mind blowing.

Well-prepared Abacha/Ugba with Fresh Palm Wine will make your evening very sweet.

Enjoy with it!!!

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