As The World Is Loving African Ankara Fabrics, Let Us Do More With Them.

Popularly known as African Print, Ankara fabrics has suddenly lost its use as fabrics amongst Africans, meant for only cultural activities and a low form of clothing for only poor people who cannot afford western fabrics.

Years ago, the best that could be achieved with Ankara fabric is traditional Iro & Buba, but today, Ankara is used to make lots of fashionable items like blazers, gowns, jackets, swim suit, trousers, shorts and accessories like earrings, handbags, sandals including phone pouch and other accessories.

The beauty of an Ankara fabric lies on the style and designs on it. Extra spice of creativity can do wonders to an Ankara fabric which will make it come out very nice.

Ankara can also be mixed with other casual materials like Chiffon, Jeans, Chinos, Adire and Asoke or it can be embellished with stones, beads, embroidery and it will still appear very classy and trendy. In Nigeria, the most popular fabric is Ankara and every weekend is a chance to showcase various

Ankara styles. An owambe is not complete without the various captivating aso ebi styles that will surely be present and it has become a signature move to look forward to such events.

Aside from regular clothes; gowns, trousers, tops, jackets, shirts and the rest, African print fabrics are used in making a variety of fashion accessories. From bags, shoes, caps, bangles, headpieces and more, the use of African print designs has grown beyond just outfits.  When a particular fashion and its style is almost complete and can provide everything you need to wear even in a more beautiful and unique way, there’s absolutely no point looking elsewhere, that’s also a good reason why anyone including popular celebrities wear Ankara styles.

Ankara is one of the best thing that has happened in the fashion world because its uses and styles are limitless. Another awesome attribute of Ankara fabric in that small piece of different patterns can be crafted and joined perfectly to bring out a unique design. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent endorsement of use of nose mask as one of the preventive protocols to curb the spread, Ankara made nose masks has become another fashion statement with great impression in the world.

Ankara fabrics has been so versatile today that it is now well recognized on the global fashion scene. And we can now say that it has come to stay in the fashion world and will always be in vogue from countless boardrooms, stars on red carpet and chicks on the street.

Why not explore the world of Ankara and be part of the most notable fashion trends in the globe.

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