Marriage Proposals In Africa Breaking Long Age Norms, Women Now Propose To Men.

Rigidity of proposing marriage is now gone as women propose to men they so desire for marriage these days. They no longer wait for the man endlessly to do so. Instead they twist and break the conventional traditions of men doing the asking in an effort to showcase their seriousness, unique love and value for their relationships and their significant other.

There has been an increase in women proposing to men these days in Africa. This up stick has started to rattle the cage of tradition and norms about who is supposed to propose marriage to the other. It is rather not surprising that women do it and owe to it despite knowing it a gender role twist but they consider that gender role doesn’t really factor in in a flourishing relationship.

Sometimes the gender vibes in relationships is always playful but found wanting when you talk of getting married. In as much as women so desire and are overly excited when they get a proposal from their partner but get so tired of waiting for that strong romantic tradition of having chilled cocktails served beside river bank, serenade of a night jar singing softly in darkness and balance of thrills and tranquility experienced on safari for the marriage proposal to take place. Gone are the days to pop that big question in such dramatic settings, instead eateries, shopping malls, hangout have become proposal venues and this time by the women.

Women proposing to men are rare and alien to African tradition, but for some relationships, it is just what is best for them. There is no reason it has to be the man who makes it, the idea that the woman has to be waiting around until the man proposes may not be healthy for the relationship, therefore the woman making the moves is considered the best.

In Africa, especially in Nigeria women who propose to men for marriage relationships are sometimes tagged as desperate, ridiculed and condemned. But increasing influence of modernization has made it a trendy occasion for a woman to propose to a man with confidence and this saves time of endless waiting.

Though some people still frown at this recent development and find it offensive, arguing that marriage proposals should be exclusively the sole responsibility of the man according to African tradition. But sometimes some men of marriageable age find it difficult to do so due to indecisiveness, shyness and poor financial status. Most women have decided not to be restricted to seek what they want; they rather take the bold steps, which pays off at last.

Marriage proposals are founded in love and it can come in all shapes and forms, Men proposing to women or the other way round does not really matter, as long as its worth doing to consolidate a flourishing relationship.

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