Isiagu Fabric; The Igbo Traditional Attire Hitherto Exclusive Of Titled Men, Becomes Anglicized And Turned Choice Wear For Youths.

Could we ever think that a day will come when this luxurious fabric ‘isiagu” will become extremely popular and worn by people of different status and age?

Originally a fabric considered royal attire, adorned by men especially when receiving chieftaincy title in Igbo land. Isiagu has been a fabric of high quality, which costs fortune, to add class to men’s fashion and used as a measure of wealth.

Isiagu fabric is a high quality suede material with patterns usually an adult lion’s head, printed and decorated in the colours and patterns that the Igbo Culture permits. The background tunic maybe red, or other distinct colours and accented patterns. Usually worn with black trousers or a tired wrapper, with coral beads as accessories as well as a walking stick and a red cap, this combination makes it stylish and rich.

Due to the mind-blowing appearance of the fabric, and the attention it attracts, many people started adopting it as perfect outfit for special occasions such as weddings and other ceremonies. Nowadays, it is no longer royal but loved by all members of the Igbo tribe.

It has also become a perfect choice for pretty, strong and elegant women who want to declare their style, perfect taste and contemporary world outlook. Doubtedly, beautiful piece of fabric in many elegant variations, its one fabric that make one look awesome and singled out of a crowd, hence not just the royals now dole Isiagu.

Recently a certain Igbo couple was spotted showcasing Isiagu made suit and wedding gown as wedding dress by both bride and groom, with all the bridal train on different variation of the same fabric.

It was so beautiful, colorful and adorable.

Isiagu makes a lot of fashion sense, not necessarily to be an Igbo to rock beautiful outfits of it. Nowhere in the world you can wear it without centering attention and good enough, anyone can now lay hands on the various available textures of it. Its high time Africans started blending our culture with the ones from the western world and preserve our heritage.

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